He’s a song writer whose relationship to Neil Young is arguably what Oasis was to The Beatles. Both parties came up with something all of their own, while leaving the listener in no doubt as to where their musical inspirations came from”

Pete Feenstra, Get Ready to Rock magazine


STEVE LOGAN is a Welsh song-poet and rock musician working on the borderline between folk and rock. He sings and plays guitars (electric and acoustic) and harmonica.. 

After performing in subways, indie bands, cover bands and a long-standing tribute to Free, which played extensively on the UK tribute circuit, Steve has developed a prolific career as a solo artist, releasing five albums of original songs in the last five years: Signs and Wonders (2014), Deliverance (2015 ), Wanted Alive (2016), Backstreets of Eden (2017) and Shaking Hands with the Devil (2019)


'A voice he can take with him anywhere'

Sue Marchant, BBC Radio Cambridgeshire

Pictured here playing live with his band, Geronimo, at the Cambridge Rock Festival

In many gigs, Steve plays an acoustic set followed by an electric one. He does many solo acoustic shows, sometimes joined by members of his four-piece band.Geronimo, named with a nod to Crazy Horse.

He has played both rock and acoustic stages at the Cambridge Rock Festival six years running. His songs have featured on many radio stations in the UK and on some in the US.

In 2018, Steve was the subject of a TV documentary (see below)


Press Photos

Sample Track: 'Tulorosa' from Shaking Hands with the Devil (2019)


Steve Logan

Verandas, drifters, big suns sinking below high ridges--all the longing we put into our dream landscapes, wherever they are.

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