Steve Logan is a Welsh songwriter and rock musician, working across the borderline between acoustic folk and hard-edged, high-octane rock. A song-poet, he focuses on the point where music and poetry meet.

After performing in subways, indie bands, cover bands and a long-standing tribute to Free, Steve has developed a prolific career as a solo artist, releasing six albums of original songs to date: 

Signs and Wonders (2014), Deliverance (2015) Wanted Alive (2016), Backstreets of Eden (2017) and Shaking Hands with the Devil (2019) and Psych Ward (2023)

Steve's albums have been widely praised in the music press for their orginality and sheer drive.

He has toured extensively in the UK, playing club venues, theatres and festivals. His songs have featured on many radio stations in the UK, the US and globally. 

 'a voice he can take anywhere' (Sue Marchant, BBC Radio Cambridgeshire)

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