1. Tularosa

From the recording Tularosa

Tularosa is an actual place in Mexico, but this is about a version of it you can't quite visit except in your dreams


Midday heat I seek the shadows for protection
I’ve tried every line can’t find one good connection
Bb C D
If you feel alone your heart might need correction
It’s just the primal curse boy nothing else

See my father walking by the Civic Centre
Did he wonder when she left him if she’d meant to
Horizons spin and leave behind forever
A world lodged like a bullet in my chest

[They say that I’m deluded like I’m thinking
I’m the king of time and no one stops me drinking
Or that men must die before the eyes of women
Just to prove their secret vision wasn’t blurred

I’m not bible-bashing but I’ve heard the gospel
Like a pirate with a gold ring in his nostril
Goliath was an empire born to topple
I prefer a rebel trembling on the verge]

As a boy I lived among green valleys
Then I graduated to the neon alleys
Saw the moon shot down by tough guys in Miami
To make a silver backdrop for their game
Thought of cowboys in the films beloved by Billy
While the big screens sold big dreams in Piccadilly
Ate my fill but still this food it couldn’t fill me
Do you crave a comfort nobody can name

There were drifters on the hills of Tulorosa
Moving like the breeze on the Via Dolorosa
And a Gypsy who combed out her long black hair
As she watched her lovers burning in the coal

[Every motion of the heart must have its reason
If it goes too wrong they’ll hole you up for treason
But among these mental pictures I keep feeling
A Welsh brook twisting slowly through my soul]

My tongue it marked me out as an outsider
Caught between two cities and at home in neither
Bought a wild white pony but I couldn’t ride her
As if I was a native of this soil

Wed a signorina the first day I kissed her
Had the ocean in her eyes like my soul-sister
Said babe follow me downstream to the rust river
Only then I saw the shiver on her skin

[Are we lost if our obsessions come between us
Can we say a vision’s good if it demeans us
Is the Western star so misaligned with Venus
Though the sun is shining on that old green hill]

On the walls of my mind’s jail they hang together
These street-scenes from my heart’s beat-up projector
I can see the blue sheen of the magpie’s feathers
When it longs to fly and spreads its broken wings